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I am the Mindfulness Jedi


I'm Karen and I'm a Mindfulness Jedi. I work professionally in the production/multimedia space, mindfulness media + content generation as well as production.

I have 15+ years experience managing teams as well as multimedia assets for large broadcast television networks, radio, and other content-generating spaces. I've managed over $50 million in media assets and dozens of client portfolios. Connect with me here:

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Karen is the mindfulness jedi™


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Karen is the mindfulness jedi™


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AMY Overbeck, Editor of ”The Biggest Little Farm”

”I worked with Karen to reversion over 100 hours of TLC programming. As the producer guiding my editing, she was extremely organized and knowledgeable while also being very pleasant to work with. Even under the pressure of our tight deadlines, she maintained her cheerful attitude and did everything possible to plan ahead and meet those deadlines. She also has a great sense of storytelling and was a pleasure to collaborate with. I hope to work with her again in the future.”

KANDY Collins, Discovery Networks

”Karen was a true pleasure to manage. She needed very little instruction and always had the most positive of attitudes! I found her to be very eager to learn and quickly absorbed new information and topics. She has come a long way in her career since then having had a number of high-level positions and I would highly recommend her.”