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Silent Meditation Retreats

Move Home

In Karen Nicole's mindfulness meditation practice throughout

the pandemic, she/her has attended online retreats regularly.

One of those retreat experiences

is shared in part in the WSJ.

IMCW and the Center for Mindful Living

Omm Office® collaborated with the Center for Mindful Living

and the Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW)

to deliver Omm Office® signature meditation class Art & Meditate

Velvet Salon Podcast

invited Karen Nicole to discuss

art and mindfulness.

Niche Pilates

Omm Office® collaborated

with Niche Pilates Studio 

and offered a live guided

meditation and mindfulness

blog post for its community. 

Arundel Patriot segment:

Mindfulness + Wellness tips for Being in a Pandemic and to apply toward Racial Justice

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