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I am the Mindfulness Jedi


I'm Karen Nicole and I'm a Mindfulness Jedi. I work professionally in the production/multimedia space, mindfulness media + content generation as well as production.

I have 15+ years experience managing teams as well as multimedia assets for large broadcast television networks, radio, and other content-generating spaces. I've managed over $50 million in media assets and dozens of client portfolios. Connect with me here:

Discovery Networks

Discovery Networks

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Karen nicole is the mindfulness jedi™


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Discovery Science

Discovery Science

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Karen nicole is the mindfulness jedi™


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AMY Overbeck, Editor of ”The Biggest Little Farm”

”I worked with Karen Nicole to reversion over 100 hours of TLC programming. As the producer guiding my editing, she was extremely organized and knowledgeable while also being very pleasant to work with. Even under the pressure of our tight deadlines, she maintained her cheerful attitude and did everything possible to plan ahead and meet those deadlines. She also has a great sense of storytelling and was a pleasure to collaborate with. I hope to work with her again in the future.”

KANDY Collins, Discovery Networks

”Karen Nicole was a true pleasure to manage. She needed very little instruction and always had the most positive of attitudes! I found her to be very eager to learn and quickly absorbed new information and topics. She has come a long way in her career since then having had a number of high-level positions and I would highly recommend her.”

Additional Client

"I loved Karen's custom meditation so much. It's perfect and she nailed it. I love how she personalized it. I could feel energy in my legs and usually they're completely numb! It was very exciting. Thank you, thank you. I'm going to do it every day."
-Jane Gould, Adjunct Faculty and Middle School Teacher, California
I received tremendous support from Karen to produce my research presentation delivered in Seoul, Korea. She was excellent at communicating with me on a regular basis, while also providing resources to create a dynamic, thoroughly researched PowerPoint presentation. Karen gave great suggestions and ideas for me to incorporate into my project, which was very helpful. Karen is trustworthy and she has demonstrable experience in time management and project management. She helped me to prepare and deliver my presentation materials on time. Thanks to Karen, I received positive feedback from the audience."
-Dr. Crystal Han, Boise State University
"I recommend Omm Office. During her meditation class, meditation teacher Karen Mitchell gave me the freedom to experience discomfort with kindness. Karen's class reminded me to continually make time for self-care to support self and others fully." 
-Susan Miller, Yoga Teacher, Arlington, VA
"Karen and the whole concept of Omm Office is not just to lighten your workload, but to lighten your mental load; one of the heaviest roadblocks in between us and our goals. I recommend Omm Office not just for its positive support, but because of their diligence and foresight into possibilities. Thank you!''
- Brienne Thomson, Political Scientist, San Diego, California
"I definitely recommend any class Karen Mitchell would lead."
- John Wortman, Insight Meditation Community of Washington member and Omm Office Art & Meditate student, Washington, DC
"Omm Office mindfulness training helped me to watch my creative energy blossom. I enjoyed the Art & Meditate course because it made me feel more loving to myself and 'all sentient beings.'" 
- Amie King-Vandersluis, Interior Design graduate student, Washington, DC
"Omm Office mindfulness training helped me to step back and take time for wellness. Meditation teacher Karen Mitchell opened my mind, let me let go and enjoy the process of creation."
- Dave Wetzig, student in Omm Office Art & Meditate class, Fairfax County, Virginia