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Mindfulness Public Speaker

Certified in Mindfulness.
InterviewEd by WALL STREE

About Us

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Omm Office® Founder Karen-Nicole, MA is The Mindfulness Jedi.


Omm Office has worked with over 2200 clients in 4 countries.  

Omm Office® and Karen-Nicole practice insight meditation, mindfulness, root cause analysis and HPT.

Karen-Nicole is academically trained in biology and workplace performance. She holds a master degree in Science Writing from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Omm Office mindfulness meditation practice is in the vipassana and metta style which embraces compassion for self and others, inquiry, nonjudgment, as well as mindful self-care.

Karen-Nicole has 15+ years of meditation training which includes certification. She has 20+ years of corporate experience working with Fortune 500 companies, large and small businesses, and international organizations. 

Our products are custom solutions. As a result, we do not offer reimbursement for any goods. 

Omm Office® and The Mindfulness Jedi® 

Disclaimer: The information in this site or on our social media is intended for information and entertainment purposes only, and does not claim to be or constitute therapeutic advice or mental health treatment. 

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