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Popcorn Should be Popped on the Stove in a Stock Pot

Air fryers, tabletop popcorn makers, and products such as Jiffy Pop do not produce a lush popcorn experience.

It's not needed to invest in expensive machine poppers.

Microwave popcorn is fancy trash.

Would you cook a sea bass, croissant, filet mignon, or a Miyazaki Mango in a microwave?

The Ancestors will haunt you for eternity.

Microwave popcorn is like eating an artificial, butter-flavored salad of biodegradable shipping peanuts covered in crumpled tissue paper with a dry, desert center.

Bowls of various types of popped popcorn rest on a wooden table. Dried flowers decorate the table. Bowls are ceramic and steel. Each bowl of popcorn is a different color. Interior inside a home or restaurant.
Stove-Top Popped Popcorn

To make stove-top popcorn, any stainless steel eight-quart stock pot with a lid that you have at home works.

Also, there are so few ingredients, it is vital to select a high quality cooking oil, kernel, salt, and other seasonings.

Pick ingredients that work within your budget and that you enjoy solo.

The taste of the cooking oil should make you swoon.

The salt should make your tongue giddy.

The popcorn kernels should be a brand or farmer's market selection you've made peace with because it never disappoints you.

Now is the time to invest.

Substandard chocolate has ruined more than a few of the most perfectly flaky chocolate croissants.

Mealy, over-ripe tomato paired with lettuce with the consistency of wet toilet paper has ruined great burgers.

Home-popped, stove-top popcorn is not casserole built from leftovers.

It is perfection.

Construct it with a solid foundation.

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