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Walking Mindfully: Epically Enchanted and Decidedly Unbothered

I'm planning to walk through deadline-season epically enchanted and decidedly unbothered.

I will be twirling and jeté-ing and mindful AF.

Walking mindfully is a way to process hard sh*t as well as a way to simply be with the generosity and peace of the moment.

For example, just yesterday, I was walking while holding a favorite mug of coffee filled with gratitude for the health of my little family. Filled with a joy in knowing I have a safe home, I have food in the fridge, I have caring beings in my life.

Good day? Bad day? Both are reasons to walk with mindfulness.

How To Walk with Mindfulness.

Simply walk at a medium pace while noticing the foot falls. Sense the rise and fall of the stomach or chest while breathing. Relax the jaw and shoulders. Sniff the air, smelling the leaves molding or burning, noticing the scent of a vape, gather up the wafts of a meal being prepared.

Notice the sounds of crackling twigs, crunching leaves, or the sharp slap of pavement beneath your Manolos (or Asos Design). Notice the wind touching the face, cooling the cheeks, whipping past the ears, and passing through joyously kinky hair.

Walking mindfully is the chance to notice the self unplugging from to-do-lists, resting in the body, lessening the grip of expectation, and swimming in the stream of life that is satisfied with knowing, in this moment, it is what it is.

Message to the Future from,

Karen-Nicole, The Mindfulness Jedi

(video credit @therealdisney.ed)

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